SONG A DAY - September 2016

by Peter Black Solo

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released August 1, 2016

All tracks written and performed by Peter Black
Engineered by Jason Whalley
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Townend
Drums - Joel Ellis



all rights reserved


Peter Black Solo Sydney, Australia

Peter ‘Blackie’ Black has been playing music with Hard Ons since the age of 13 and also creates music with the largely ignored but brilliant Nunchukka Superfly.

This is his solo material.Peter Black Solo

Gentle Psych pop, sometimes accoustic with strings and tinny bit of piano.
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Track Name: Scratch Scratch Scratch
ya blew it
yea ya blew it
ya had ya chance and ya blew it!
Track Name: You Say Here And I Think Where's Here
I know "where's here" means a lot you
and a lot to you means a lot to me
Track Name: I Was Treat
so why has this had such effect
and I don't think that I can get past this door
I feel rooted to this spot and to this floor
Track Name: So Much Flies
gotta love that commitment to the heady and the foul
but I also gotta cover up my sores
Track Name: Brrrrr Brrrrr
wha? eh? hmmmm. nah .. haha nah nah NAHHHHHHH its not really Flume is it??
Track Name: So Say's The Big Boss
you nailed both his hands
to the top of the desk
grabbed him by the hair
moved his moved up and down
now lets hear what he has to say!
Track Name: What Good Are Diamonds (Ya Can't Shove Em Up Ya Arse)
what good are diamonds??!!
rah rah rah rah rah
cant shove em up ya arse
rah rah rah rah rah
just give us fifty bucks
do do do do do
so I can fill up me car
rah rah rah rah rah
Track Name: Fuck All Forty Winks
so keep ya hand on the small of my back
drink a glass of water while I do the talking
Track Name: Don't Just Stand There
Is this because there are cars pooling up my street
and is it because I cut myself on the blinds
peeking thru those blinds
watching all the trash
Track Name: Drop In The Ocean
now that you know
you've always known
your another drop in my ocean
Track Name: Every Step Of The Way
with me ya got ya such a willing accomplice
and I'm with you every step of the way
Track Name: Two With Android
"sir I think you better come look for your self"
Track Name: See Disappear See
its just not dark enough yet
don't you think
but watch closely please...
see disappear see
see disappear see
i'm tired.. not explaining myself too well
Track Name: But All I Did Was Blink
time for you
you can make it warp and bend
while I'm stuck here
with no continuum
Track Name: Tricks Of The Heart
nothing really wrong
its just me
being a little difficult
Track Name: Your Eyes So Black
did I mention that your eyes are so black??
I just saw a smile
even though it was a peek
and that angry little flush
disappearing from ya cheeks
Track Name: Eye And/Or Storm
I didn't know that this came with a clause
I didn't know you came with a clause
Track Name: Third Seat On The Left
try to put in a sentence that..
ya don't like Deja Vu
its boring
you've lived all this before
Track Name: Lighten Up
I just saw that he saw that I saw
Track Name: Feed You To The Bins
you and ya ugly kids
get the hell out my shop
Track Name: Feel.. I.. Sick..
check the clock make sure it AM
AM clock check to make sure
Track Name: Where There's A Box A Tick Should Follow
his hand appears
jiggling some keys
"look keys! quite a few of them
quite a few keys I have here"
Track Name: Let The Moment Do Its Thing
come lie to me
come take a bite of me
get a hold of myself
holding onto you
Track Name: Get One Over You
... what the hells gotten into you
gotten into us
I'm afraid I'm afraid so afraid
I don't posses any understanding on you...
Track Name: Getting It Right The 1st Time
rattling the empty pill box screaming
"look I'm nearly out!"
Track Name: Along Side Society
smacks his lips
anticipating... delicious
Track Name: Comin Atcha
everything out that door is outa hand
Track Name: Let It Be Said And Done
but look at me know..
words are obviously failing me
Track Name: Hidden By Your Pinky (Think!)
tired... overblown?