SONG A DAY - October 2016

by Peter Black Solo

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released October 1, 2016

All tracks written and performed by Peter Black
Engineered by Jason Whalley
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Townend
Drums - Joel Ellis
Roland Juno 6 - Dave Faulkner



all rights reserved


Peter Black Solo Sydney, Australia

Peter ‘Blackie’ Black has been playing music with Hard Ons since the age of 13 and also creates music with the largely ignored but brilliant Nunchukka Superfly.

This is his solo material.Peter Black Solo

Gentle Psych pop, sometimes accoustic with strings and tinny bit of piano.
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Track Name: What Evers Bugging You Now Dub
jabbing his spoon at me as he spoke.. getting whinier and whinier.. while I try not to laugh.. him not noticing the two flies on his cake.. hope they are shitting them selves senseless on it
Track Name: I'm Neoning Along
forget the shade
where I'm at can be bright as day
wear a grin
and slap my pants
I like a bit of music as I work
Track Name: Towering Burning Wreck
well.. he even found the time to close the door
Track Name: Flames Come From Ya Breath
your words are really mean
but.. are eyes are meaner still
Track Name: Return Of The Two Creepy Nurses
the parking's like my coconscious
only good for an hour
and that would be good enough if you didn't eat so much!
Track Name: Like A Rock And Roll Song
was today nice?
I cant seem to remember
its now 3 am
so Amityville horror
Track Name: Says I Going Loop Da Loop
putting here fingers in her mouth?
biting her nails?
medium pizza?
says I...going loop da loop
Track Name: Shoot Ya Lover (Terrible Song Title)
then take a new lover
and dare anyone to say...
Track Name: Miles Away II
I'm not running from anything
nor am I running towards anything
Track Name: Feel As Safe As I Can For Now
don't ever let me be the one that gets in the way
Track Name: Suitcase In The Hand
I would say
common sense
don't go hand in hand
Track Name: Don't Know What I'd Do Without Cha
holds up a finger or two
and says its part of my hand
Track Name: Just An Interlude?
understand what you say
but understand that its not fair
Track Name: Making The Day Rainbow For You
park up and down the street
the wind chill shaking ya hair
Track Name: I Guess It's What Smokers Do
I cant recall my heart
or any of my reasoning
Track Name: Make The Heart Shake
make the heart break
and ....
see how ya wanna see how ya wanna
but this is the way it is for me
further more..
scatter your ash scatter your ash
into my tray
Track Name: Ticking In My Heart
let the bomb disposal experts
do their best to dismantle you
your a tangled little mess
of wires and nerves and TNT
Track Name: Some Of Us Slept And Dreamt Today
some of us dread this time of night
and the awful things its telling us
god awful things its telling us
Track Name: Everything Looked Shoe String
he had more kids than cockroaches
he had more kids but not by much
one of his kids grabbed his leg
"not now sweetie daddy's busy"
(then a bit later on)
c'mon mate ya look a goose
and we're getting there by train
Track Name: Puppy Puppy
so much barking eh little puppy puppy
I need a collar that stops all ya bow bow
Track Name: Hip But Blind To All Ya Lies
what am I gonna do now??
Track Name: Just Deaden Ya Self
no one else here but me
no one else here but me
why am I stuck here
why am I stuck here
Track Name: I Told You The Tomato Paste Was Off!
the push/tug of feeling so happy
then hitting14 stories below
push me anywhere ya want... but join me there
Track Name: Casualists Of Bites
and of course I've got the key yes you know I've got the key well it doesn't help you biting my ear
Track Name: Two Tier Parking
loud tick tocking
the tick tocking is loud
Track Name: When Something Ain't On The Cards
dip your sleeves into vat
say "look my hands are in a vat!"
so fuck you and your cards
Track Name: Fingers And Toes
so grip really hard with ya fingers and toes
you'll have to look both up and down
and your blisters will eventually weep... and hurt like hell
Track Name: The Angry Shoe Maker
they come in here with their stinky shoes
I get stinky shoes all day
in each one I put in fucken dead flies
have a squishy little old day
Track Name: Kiss You Down Below
and the room
out of control for all I care
Track Name: Two Aussies V's The Robot
I have been authorized to administer mild to strong electric shocks as a deterrent
woop woop
Track Name: You Up For Some Table Tennis?
you turn your back on me?
Track Name: Feel As Safe As I Can For Now - Mix 2
cant remember... something about getting in the way??