SONG A DAY - November 2016

by Peter Black Solo

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All tracks written and performed by Peter Black
Engineered by Jason Whalley
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Townend
Drums - Joel Ellis


released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Peter Black Solo Sydney, Australia

Peter ‘Blackie’ Black has been playing music with Hard Ons since the age of 13 and also creates music with the largely ignored but brilliant Nunchukka Superfly.

This is his solo material.Peter Black Solo

Gentle Psych pop, sometimes accoustic with strings and tinny bit of piano.
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Track Name: R.E.M's
I hear ya talking in your sleep
the cutest mumbles in your sleep
Track Name: Three Guards The Two
you didn't ask for this?
well whoopee doopee do
Track Name: Minding Somebody Else's Business
puffs his cheeks
gets ready to charge
Track Name: BINGO!
is anyone else crook from the counter meal??
Track Name: He Hoisted Up His Jeans Like A Gunslinger
the barrel tends to lean to the right
leaning on your right is fun
grabs my ears and hum that song
and ask where that tune came from
Track Name: Jeanie
wait till the care reverses out
till we cant see the red tail light no more
then come into the kitchen
grab a bowl and grab a spoon
lets start with ice cream
then grab a tin with a picture of a peach
but please not too much
don't wanna sore tummy
just want you to be loved
Track Name: Shame On Us All
you know what its like
... being creative with truth
Track Name: Your Hell
lalalalala up to my neck in frozen hell la lalalala lalalala
Track Name: Ever In My Heart
didn't I hold ya hand tight enough
pins and needles shooting up my arm
but I'm not letting go of you
Track Name: Gravity Is Fun
every doors the same
every door identical
as you hurry with the key
every key's identical
Track Name: Flawful
we are who we are
and I don't have ya back..
so don't get hung up on me
Track Name: With A Moon Like That
hold it to the moon like you know what ya doing..
"there's wires sticking out fucken everywhere"
with a moon like that its all just a bluff
Track Name: Who Put You Up To This
She says..
look at me I'm scrawny
hair given hell
bottom wet jeans
cause you couldn't have me?
who put you up to this?
who put you up to this?
who put you up to this!
Track Name: Let It Out
holding a grudge that spins
out of control that spins
let it go
from out of nothing you make something
from out of nothing you'll return
Track Name: Pull Down Ya Pants
did I just say the word heart??
well get a fucken stethoscope
Track Name: Barricade The Door (With Love!)
I bet you wont get past
not matter how hard you push and shove
Track Name: Car Car Car
one had grease proof paper
licky grease proof hands
there's no hope for you yet
there's no hope for you yet
I'll touch all ya handles
I'll handle all I can
they'll be smudge smudge smudge
they'll be ha ha ha
Track Name: Hows My Lying? (Call 133844)
float to the bottom never stuck for words
let em roll off the tip of your tongue
rolls of my tongue
flat on the bottom and the best way out
is to lifelessly float to the top
all this after a fall
Track Name: Rose In My Mouth (Version)
cuts the shit out of my lips and gums
out of my lips
and out of my gums
Track Name: Whoosh!
lets approach this sensibly and...
take one chip at a time
approach this like adults..
with one crunch at a time
Track Name: Paper Towles
when the wall explodes
there's something coming
and you'll know its me
Track Name: Windy To A Point
around you I'm an open book
easily read with one look
Track Name: Guess I Was Mistaken After All
when you look
you've also gotta see
you hysterical but..
I'm telling you
when you look
you also gotta
Track Name: When Aliens Land In Martin Place
the aliens landed and they said
"we've got some awesome shit for sale
gather round.... once in a life time
we got some awesome shit for sale!"
Track Name: Pity My Heart
pretend I just
woke up fresh
slurp and melt
Track Name: Your My Little Sunrise
never too bright for me
Track Name: Discrepancy
stupid puffy jacket
cigarettie sneeze
put away the fucken electronic cigarette
and the explain the discrepancy
Track Name: Pay Em Back Tow-Fold
I think its the perfect time to try out these new mask
jump up from behind the bushes make em shit them selves
Track Name: Like I'm Wishing For You
so if I promise anything..
I promise I'll be cool
but that wont stop me wishing on every start tonight
Track Name: Calm The Fuck Down
I've all the pages and those dotted lines well not really too boring too too boring and I'm not gonna be bored by the likes of you lets change the page and creep the cunt out with some of his own games