SONG A DAY - April 2016

by Peter Black Solo

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released April 1, 2016

All tracks written and performed by Peter Black
Engineered by Jason Whalley
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Townend
Drums - Joel Ellis & Pete Kostic



all rights reserved


Peter Black Solo Sydney, Australia

Peter ‘Blackie’ Black has been playing music with Hard Ons since the age of 13 and also creates music with the largely ignored but brilliant Nunchukka Superfly.

This is his solo material.Peter Black Solo

Gentle Psych pop, sometimes accoustic with strings and tinny bit of piano.
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Track Name: Close To Your Chest
you've got a right to know
but I've got a right to not let you know
Track Name: One Night In Karlsruhe
i'll make you my topic
make you larger than life
Track Name: 80 Zone
the cars I detest are the Go Get's , the Audi's and the 4 wheel drives
and don't get me started on the turds who drive schooters
Track Name: Procession
and... no point asking this halfwit
next to me
Track Name: We Both Take A Bow
I point at those books in that window
you see where a paper trail leads to!
well.. I've got a back of a arm to scratch
Track Name: Steve Jones (oaring a boat)
the doorbell is depressed and on the door
but.. the door is halfway open so I kick it in to let in the breeze
Track Name: Pet Bird
"right then... I'm gonna have to make a few calls"
Track Name: How To Get Across
remember when the stage was a special place
we'd play and sing our tunes
remember how it felt when what you felt
would sweep across the room
Track Name: C'mon It's Ivan!
please Ivan stop shaking the bed
your block and tackle
right next to my head!
what is it with old guys
and lack of elastic
with the underpants
Track Name: What Rhyme's With Shit For Brains
Another term of the liberal government?
people don't give a shit!
Track Name: What Revenge Looks Like
holes keep getting punch in my memory
I should best be grateful now
sometimes I'm brought to a stand still
not so bad except when people notice me
Track Name: You've Got My Back And I've Got'Cha Ya Back
this will only be a memory
and even that's gonna fade with time
Track Name: F-L-O-O-R-E-D
S-M-A-S-H and E-D
Track Name: Criteria And Motive
criteria and motive
tick another line
everything just hinges on this moment of this time
Track Name: Bad Bad Temper To Match
Hooks in your Cheeks and hem of your dress
as far as the eye can see
as far as the eye can see
Track Name: We're Only In It For The Misery
and I'm as rude as hell
to the resident priest
leer at him
leering at you
we take turns
Track Name: Ever Seen A Crow That Big
what was it that you said
.. quite a bit
it used to sound catchy
could've been a hit
Track Name: Let The Curtains Rise
you watch the curtains rise
a bank of lights in your eyes
get up get up and join ya brothers on their feet
get up get up and join ya sisters on their feet
Track Name: Tangle Of Mouths And Arms
the starry nights hungry it needs to eat you up
outside a starry night .. in here its hungry gasps
Track Name: Running
ahahahahaha oh god
Track Name: Two Hours That I Can't Account At All
friends can be friends
or friends in "inverted" comma's
Track Name: Dessert Is Me
I think tonight would be a lovely night
to stay up late as possible
we'll think of something clever in the morning and call in sick..
Track Name: Cut To The Chase (dirty old town)
ya bands shit so get over ya self
Track Name: Somnbulence
My somnbulance this me and my own somnbulance
another night just me and My somnbulance
Track Name: Audience Of One
all of a sudden its an audience of one
float thru my lines float some more as well'
suddenly possessed I stop reading mid script
to this new leading lady an imaginary hat I tip
Track Name: Eating Late
not tryin be overbearing or smart
nor trying act too large
in fact most time I don't show my face
or turn up anywhere at all
Track Name: Shot In The Shoulder
shot in the shoulder and the bullet went right thru
everything was happening so quick
how bout a little bit more warning
ya could've reprimand and hit me with a stick
Track Name: Picnic Song
I even brought a rug to sit on
plastic spoons, forks and a paper plate
don't want choo to get any grass on your dress
but I want that sunlight to hit your gorgeous face
Track Name: Most Went In My Eye!
but not the way that you think